Severe Insult to Injury

I am currently sitting at the kitchen island, desperately hoping that the next 56 minutes somehow fly by.

I slept a total of maybe 3 or 4 hours last night because I was in excruciating pain. Don’t get excited… I’m not talking about labor pains.

I’m talking about the worst sinus pain of my life. I can hardly open my jaw, my entire face/gums/teeth/head are throbbing in pain. I finally broke down and took Tylenol yesterday, which of course did not help.

I’ve been fighting what I’ve known is a sinus infection for the past week. It seemed like it was improving until I woke up yesterday in serious pain. That pain has become even more debilitating.

To make it worse, I’m so tired and all I want to do is curl up and cry; however, from experience, I know that laying down makes the pain worse, as does crying. So instead, I’m sitting here trying to distract myself with this blog, desperately waiting for my appointment with the doc, at which point I hope he has some pregnancy-safe miracle drug to help me survive.

And as if that isn’t enough for my weakened, 41 week pregnant soul to take, after 84 total weeks of pregnancy (with my first and now this pregnancy), my stomach – as of last night – is littered in stretch marks. I can’t even acknowledge the severe level of bullshit. 

To say that I’m feeling very “kicked” right now would be an understatement. Also, did I mention that baby is still comfy cozy inside? 

Send this momma strength and healing energy… Please…

4 thoughts on “Severe Insult to Injury

  1. Oh nooo!!! Stupid stretch marks. Like overnight they showed up?? That’s terrible. I hope you start to feel better and that your little boy decides to make his debut soon.

    • Like literally just overnight. It’s a horribly cruel and evil joke that I’m not allowing myself to even acknowledge right now. It’s been an evil couple of days, but I actually slept last night… Making progress!

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