A Big Girl in a Big Girl Bed

The weekend I’ve been stressing over for MONTHS finally arrived: C’s big transition from crib to big girl bed. Let’s just say, we were a little ill-prepared.

We decided that we would start on Friday evening to maximize the number of sleeps (night and naps) in the big girl bed over the weekend. However, the room wasn’t totally ready for a toddler’s free reign.

So before bed, Mark and I were hauling around to complete the following:

  • Install video baby monitor
  • Install little lock purchased on Amazon for sliding door closet
  • Take Charlotte’s side table (that’s way too tippable) and mini person table and chairs out of the room
  • Tie up “reading nook” canopy netting
  • Put plug protectors in all of the outlets
  • Switch the door handles so that the lock is on the outside (we don’t need the tot locking herself in the room… or us out)

By the time we finished, it was around 7:30. Kind of a late start for nighttime routine, but we got on our way. We both tried very hard to relax and settle into the routine, but I’m not sure how well we did. I think we were both still feeling a little rushed from our last minute toddler-proofing tasks and definitely anxious about the transition.

Anyway, we read books, brushed teeth and then took Charlotte into her new room. Instantly, she seemed on edge. We did her normal bedroom routine of saying goodnight to all her “guys” and cranking her music box. Then, we put her in her bed. She refused to lay down and was clinging her teddy.

Mommy: It’s okay. You don’t have to lay down. Here are your guys and here’s your blanky. There are books if you want to read, but it’s time for bed, so Mommy and Daddy are going to leave. We’ll see you in the morning. We love you!

Charlotte: <Cue the sobbing>

Daddy (to Mommy): Should we stay until she settles or falls asleep?

Mommy (to Daddy): Nope! We have to believe that she can do it! (To Charlie): We love you! You’re such a big girl.

Charlotte: <More sobbing>

Mark and I scurried out of the bedroom and immediately grabbed the monitor. While Charlotte cried, Mark began making suggestions, “Maybe we should send Toby in there?”

I don’t know where all of my inner mom strength was coming from, but I reassured him that she could do it and that we had to give her a minute. Through the monitor speaker, I told her that we loved her and were so proud of her and that we’d see her in the morning.

Then, she was quiet. She probably only cried for about a minute after we left her room. Then, she sat very quiet and still, clinging onto her teddy, for a good few minutes.

And all of a sudden, she seemed to relax.

She grabbed a book and had a nice little read. 

 She laid down and chatted. 

 And then, just like that, she fell asleep! 

Throughout the night, she rolled around enjoying her newfound space. And, she slept without a peep until 7am. Not to mention the fact that she stayed in bed the ENTIRE time!! 


Wake up time!

The next day for naptime, the anxiety of the new bed was gone. She laid down and started to chat and play as she normally does. Then, Teddy fell out of the bed. She stared at him for a few moments until she decided to go after him. She crawled out of bed, picked up Teddy, and marched around to the other side of the bed where the step stool is located, and climbed right back into bed. A minute later, she threw Teddy out and repeated the process. Then, she went to sleep.

The rest of her naps and night sleeps went just as well.

So, it’s official! Our tiny tot is officially a BIG GIRL sleeping in a giant, full-sized bed.

As I mentioned before, I purchased these bumpers to put under her sheets and help keep her from rolling off the bed. I’m a huge fan.

12 thoughts on “A Big Girl in a Big Girl Bed

  1. That’s AWESOME!!!! Way to go, Charlotte! I love that the process went so well. (Remind me how old she is again? I know Brady is too young right now, but I honestly don’t even know when to start the process. Ha, ha. Haven’t researched that yet). 😉 This gives me hope that – once the time comes – maybe he’ll do well with it!!

  2. This gives me hope. Elliot can climb in and out of the crib- and apparently down stairs now too so I kind of have to, for safety reasons…your post is motivating. 🙂 Love seeing all the Charlotte posts!! I haven’t been on too much and have missed you ladies ❤

      • Elliot is doing great! I’m doing- ok 😉 But really, all is good and all is well- life is full of ups and downs and we’re all just riding the waves over here. I’m gonna try and write some sort of up date soon. I need to get some pics up too!

  3. That’s awesome! Congrats on making the transition. I’m always the pillar of strength when it comes to P. Erin is a softy whenever she gets upset. I’m always like, she’s okay… she’ll be fine… give her time. We may transition Palmer when she’s a little older (like 2-2.5) since she’s so petite. She doesn’t even try and get out of her crib now and it’s a climber. We still have a long way to go.

    • Honestly, we definitely didn’t need to. C never tried to climb out of her crib and seemed to enjoy it. I just didn’t want to have to buy a second crib 🙂 Just some good old fashioned frugality.

      • Oh that totally makes sense! I just couldn’t wrap my mind around new baby sleeping in “P’s crib”. Plus we went kind of inexpensive on new baby’s crib so it didn’t seem that bad (and it came with the toddler conversion kit).

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