We’re Having A…

Charlotte is very excited to announce that come May of THIS YEAR (Happy New Year, All!), she’ll welcome a little brother into our family! 


C’s “I Love My Brother” onesie: $4 from Kohl’s 

 We had our anatomy scan ultrasound this past Tuesday (12/29) and it went perfectly! Baby is healthy and adorable. 

He was a little wiggle worm and smooshed his hands in his face and laid with his legs over his head like a goon. It was so fun to see him play around in there and just such a relief to hear that he’s seemingly healthy!

The doc said that a positive anatomy scan reduces chances of any genetic disorders by 50%! 

And gender… Let’s just say the hubs is pretty darn pleased! Me too! I envision a cuddly little buddy and I just can’t wait to snuggle this sweet little guy.

My heart is bursting.

Check out this little stud…


8 thoughts on “We’re Having A…

      • Oh goodness, I’m still looking for tips, and my little guy is 13 months! Ha, ha!! Brady is definitely ‘all boy’ and I’m already looking for books on how to raise boys. Ha, ha)!! 🙂 I think the best advice I’ve been given so far is “embrace the mess.” 😉 My little guy doesn’t sit still for a moment and is constantly exploring. And instead of getting frustrated with that, I try to see it as part of his personality and find myself wondering what he’ll do one day with his curiosity skills. Ha, ha. 🙂 At 13 months, he knows how to turn on and off the TV… If a guest leaves the bathroom door open, he runs (yes, runs) into there to try to throw something into the toilet… He prefers to take his toys apart than play with them, because he wants to see what makes them work… Stuff like that. LOL! But I just keep telling myself that it will be worth it one day when he’s a famous scientist! 🙂
        Honestly, there’s SUCH a special bond between a mom and her son. Can’t explain it, but it is really there and SO strong. You are going to love it!! 🙂

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