16 Week Visit with the Doc

This morning I had my monthly check in with the doctor. When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I swear, the appointments used to last an hour. This round, they’re so quick. I literally have no questions ever.

Is that because I’m just so smart and know everything? Or am so dang distracted with working and mommying full time? Who knows!

Either way, it was a nice quick visit with my favorite doc.

Weight: Up 2 lbs (total)

BP: 94/50

Pulse: 88 bpm

Fetal Heart Rate: 150 – by the way, I love hearing the sweet baby’s heartbeat.

Since my next doctor’s appointment won’t be until next year, I brought a little holiday gift for my doctor and favorite nurse today. I made a recipe called “Christmas Crack”… it’s wildly delicious. I put them in cute little jars.

Here’s how they turned out…

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