Chanukah, Oh Chanukah…

Top: 2015, Bottom: 2014 – It’s crazy to see how much our lady has changed!

This was literally my favorite Chanukah to-date. Charlotte is the perfect age for it… she LOVED lighting the candles each night and singing the one song Mark and I could remember (dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay…). And presents… Well, she loves them.

The beauty of Chanukah is that there are 8 nights, so you can spoil without overwhelming. Charlotte got one present per night (although there were a couple nights where she received more than one at family gatherings) and absolutely loved it. We had tons of celebrations and it really was just a perfect night.

Night 1

I posted about our first night at Mark’s Dad & Step Mom’s, so I’ll just post a little recap pic of the toddler carrying around her bag filled with gifts…


C’s Gift (from Grammy & Grampie):

Night 2

On the second night, Mark’s Mom came over with the most delicious meal! We had fish and BLINTZES! Cheese, blueberry and cherry. Mark and I literally took down two full trays. Restraint isn’t our thing. After C went to bed, we had a great time sitting at the table chatting and catching up.

C’s Gift (from Nana):

Night 3

On the third night, we went with my sister and her fam to my nephew’s Chanukah party at school. Oy. So cute. The kids did a little performance (hello, song session… C’s fave), there were donuts (another win for C), and a photobooth! We had an absolute blast and Charlotte LOVED playing with her cousins.


 C’s Gift (from my Aunt & Uncle):

Night 4

The fourth night was a Wednesday, which meant swim class! Charlotte was feeling a bit clingy and didn’t participate too much. BUT, after class, she was very excited to receive 6 whole pairs of socks… all of which made it to her hands for “sock hands.”

C’s Gift (from Mommy & Daddy):

Night 5

On the 5th night, Charlie and Mommy had a little Chanukah date. When daddy got home that evening, we lit the candles and gave Charlotte her present. I was really excited about this one and was a little disappointed once opened.

C’s Gift (from Mommy & Daddy):

  • Fisher Price Classics Record Player – I was really excited about this. First of all, I found it at Meijers for $18!! Yay sales! But also, C loves music and I used to play with this toy as a kid. Well, you know the saying, “they don’t make ’em like they used to”?? They don’t. This thing is kind of a piece of crap. It’s cheapo plastic. Anyway, C still enjoyed it, so whatever!

Day/Night 6

On the 6th day, Mommy & Daddy joined Charlotte at school for 30+ minutes for a Chanukah party! It was adorable. The kids presented on Chanukah and everyone sang songs. And of courses, sugar cookies. C was in heaven. That night, we had challah french toast for dinner at home.

C’s Gift (from Auntie Erika, Uncle Mike & Cousins Audrey & Emily):

  • Learning Resources Cash Register – To say that C likes her cash register would be an understatement. She puts the register on the fireplace ledge, sits on the stool for her piano and “works”… pushing buttons, opening and closing the register, running the credit card… she loves it. We’ll save the play money for when she’s a little bigger.

Night 7

The 7th night was spent at my parents’ house with my sister and her fam. It was year two of the annual “Pajamakuh”… aka, I buy all three kids matching jammies and spend the night ooing and awwing at how damn cute they are. We had latkes (mmmm) and brisket! It was a nice little family celebration and C had an absoulte blast with her cousins.

 C’s Gift (from Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie Jessie, Uncle Evan & Cousins Judah & Gabby):

  • My First Tech Toys – This is an adorable set of noisy little keys, a remote and a phone. I KNEW C would love this. They look real enough to really intrigue her. Her fave? The keys. Duh. She walks around the house pushing the buttons and showing everyone. Toby included.
  • Stella Feeding Set – This set is awesome. C loves the little can of peas. Not to mention, she loves taking turns feeding herself and Stella.
  • Melissa & Doug Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle – To be honest, we haven’t had a chance to pull this one out yet. BUT, everytime she sees the box, she has a blast pointing at every single item she sees. Definitely going to be a winner.
  • Chanukah Book – I can’t seem to find it online (because I can’t remember the book title), but it’s super cute.
  • My New Baby book – Very sweet book for the new big-sis-to-be!

Night 8

Okay, don’t judge, but on the 8th night, Mommy & Daddy were so dang tired… We went to dinner with my parents (Mexican food… very jewish, huh??). I didn’t feel like wrapping up the markers I got her and even more so, I didn’t feel like her unwrapping them and wanting to color (it was bedtime)… so we just skipped the final night. Oops. Sorry, Charlie.

Hope your holidays are just as wonderful and filled with love.

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