No Tears This AM!!!

Today marks Charlotte’s fourth week of school (she only attends on Thursday and Friday mornings). Last week I had noticed a huge difference. On Thursday when I picked her up, she was SO happy… not to be picked up, but just to be there. Her smile and adorable demeanor said that she had an amazing day.

Then, on Friday, after we dropped her coat off in her cubby, she started walking into her classroom by herself (normally she demands that I hold her). She made it halfway, but stopped because the teacher and administrator were standing in the doorway. Still… a HUGE milestone. Not to mention, that while she still cried when I left, it only lasted about a minute.

Then… today. She was adorably happy on the way to school, but kept yawning. When we arrived, she seemed excited, but by the time we got inside and put her coat down, it wasn’t looking great.

I asked Charlotte if she wanted to walk into the classroom herself and she kind of fell to the floor with her arms up. I grabbed her and we walked in. I pointed out some fun activities set up in the room and asked her if she wanted to play. She literally just stared blankly.

After about a minute, her teacher said to me, “I’m ready when you are.” I looked at Charlotte and said, “Okay…” and before I could even say that I was going to go, she turned to her teacher and stretched out her arms to go to her. Once in her teacher’s arms, I asked Charlotte for a kiss. She gave me my smooch and I turned to leave… totally dumbfounded and happy and excited and surprised.

I waved and told her I’d see her in a bit. Looking totally comfortable in her teacher’s arms, she waved back and just like that, she’s adjusted.

I literally had tears in my eyes. I think more because I was excited and just relieved and happy for Charlotte. She seems to really enjoy her time at school and the morning tears seemed to be the last little hangup.

When I got back to the car, Toby apparently wanted to share in the excitement, because as I opened the door, he peed all over my seat. A little grand finale. Thankfully C’s diaper bag was in the car so I had some wipes to use for clean up.

As a side note, I can’t help but feel – in the back of my mind – a little sad. Charlotte has been SUPER clingy with Daddy and not so much with me this past week or two. Like, demanding that he hold her or put her to sleep instead of me. HEARTBREAKING. So there is this slight part of me that is thinking, “is that why it was easier today??” I know, I know… whatever it was, it’s so good for her! I’ll just go cry in the corner.

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