My Vehicle is a Moving (& Sometimes Stationary) Target

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my little recap, but on Wednesday of last week, as my mother and I were prepping Thanksgiving dinner, my father plowed into my parked car that was minding its own business on their driveway.

Let’s just say that Dad was throwing a temper tantrum and clearly not paying attention. Anyway, enough said.

The damage: 

While you might not believe it, today… just 9 days later, I was hit AGAIN! Thankfully, neither Charlie, the other driver or myself were hurt.

I was simply minding my own business, looking for a parking spot at the doctor’s office when BAM! Dude flew out of his parking space and bashed my car door (just a touch) and the back door (a lot).

I jumped out of the car and when I opened the back door to check on Charlotte, she just smiled and waved. Apparently she was unphased. Seriously, she’s a tough cookie.

Anyway, this second hit was way harder and the back door does not seem to be functioning correctly.

I’m supposed to hear from the other guy’s insurance tomorrow. Fingers crossed this is an easy process.

The damage (to the other side of the car): 

I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t drive this weekend.

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