November Catch Up

The past two weeks have totally flown by. Here are some tid bits to fill you in on the various happenings in our lives…

  • Charlotte is continuing to do well at school. Although, when I picked her up last week, she was bawling her eyes out. Turns out some little punk pushed her down for no reason. Now, if you know Charlotte, you’ll know that she rarely cries when she gets hurt and if she does, the tears last for a second. This was not that. I’m convinced that her uncontrollable sobs were due to a) the fact that this was C’s first real experience with meanness. This little… kid… was a total jerk. and b) the proximity to nap time. Everything is more dramatic when we’re sleepy. 

    Climbing up on the loft in the K4 room!

  • Charlotte had her first experience with snow!! She… didn’t love it.

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


  • C’s obsession with music continues to blossom. From playing the drums and piano to dancing like a maniac, the girl loves her music.       
  • We got to attend a Thanksgiving Celebration at Charlotte’s school. I apparently embarrassed Mark by taking over C’s art project. Whatever. I let her put the glue down.

  • Charlotte has a new BFF. Her name is Chloe. Their teachers said they’re trying to come up with a nickname for the two of them… a Brangelina type name. I love it! She picked the sweetest little munchie in her class. Momma approves.

  • We finally got our custom baby gate/staircase protector installed. THANK GOODNESS. I’m so sick of racing Charlotte to the stairs.     
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents – the annual tradition. As many of you know, it’s my favorite holiday… but I’m not going to lie, this year was not my favorite. I got in this fight with my dad that was kind of ongoing and it really just put a raincloud over the whole thing. Pretty disappointing, but I’m trying not to dwell.                 
  • Charlotte won’t stop trying to “snuggle” with Toby. AKA, she backs her butt up into him and tries to sit on top of him… or just slams her head down on him. Toby is not a fan.     
  • We finally brought our dumpster find home… Yes, we dragged a dining room table out of the dumpster! Just needs to be refinished, but tablecloths will work for now. 

And there you have it! Two weeks: Bam! Done! We’re all caught up.

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