Celebrating the Bunny’s Day of Birth

This weekend was Charlie’s birthday party and I’m just dying to post about it… BUT, before I do, it’s time to post about the big day of birth celebration this past Thursday.

It really was such a great day.

We started the morning out by busting into Charlie’s room to sing her happy birthday. She seemed confused and maybe a little… what’s the word for that feeling when you think, “woah… my parents are really big weirdos”… because she seemed like that.

After our morning song session, it was time to show Charlie her balloons and feed her a very special breakfast of berry pancakes (BERRIES AND BREAD… Charlie heaven). She immediately noticed and fell in love with her balloons. The second we walked out of her room, she pointed at her balloons and made a squeaky noise.

 We also took her outside with the most giant balloon ever to take some cutie pie first birthday pictures!

Then, it was time to take Charlie to the office where we had set up the kitchen. Mark came in with us so he could see her little mini person reaction. I’m pretty sure she liked it 🙂

Then, nap time of course.

For lunch, we brought in pizza for the office and had a little lunch party. Charlie had a blast staring at all of her office friends and feeding Toby excessive amounts of pizza crust.

Then it was time for more kitchen play and her afternoon nap.

For dinner, we took Charlie for a very fancy dinner at Panera. We bought her two different kinds of soup and a ton of bread. The girl loves her soup.

Then for dessert, we took her to a frozen yogurt place so she could have her first taste of sweet yummy goodness. After about 3 bites, she pushed it away and started eating her apple. I felt a little disappointed, so we ran back into Panera to get her a cupcake.

 We took her home and stuck a candle in her cupcake, sang to her again and let her have at it. Again, she wasn’t overly impressed. After a couple of bites of frosting, she was done. So we gave her some presies, which she absolutely adored!

 We then attempted to get her to bed, but between the frozen yogurt, the cupcake, and the presies, she was SO hyper. She was literally bouncing all over the crib and laughing at nothing. I decided to take the opportunity to live out my year-long dream of snuggling with my tiny boo in her crib. So I climbed in for a VERY sweet snuggle. The mattress is seeming a bit slouchy these days, but it was WELL worth it. Such sweet moments.

Finally, by around 9 or 9:30, she FINALLY fell asleep.

It was a very special day for a very special girl. And it’s just totally crazy that this little muffin’s first birthday has already came and went. Time flies.

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