Who’s the chick in the glasses?


I sent this picture to Mark tonight and his response was, “is that Charlotte?”

I can’t help but think of “A Cinderella Story” when the dude doesn’t recognize Hilary Duff because she’s wearing this tiny mask over her eyes. Apparently, my husband is that guy.

So funny. Thanks for the laugh, lover.

There she is!!

And now a couple others from our dinner tonight…


And now from before dinner  

Please note all of the toys she threw on the floor and the tiny hand creeping over thr edge.

3 thoughts on “Who’s the chick in the glasses?

    • Isn’t that so silly? I walked in and both tiny hands were showing, but no face. By the time I got my camera out, there was only one hand left. As for the glasses… Please take a photo!!

  1. That is HYSTERICAL that your hubby didn’t recognize Charlotte in the glasses! LOL!!! (Although my hubby would have totally been the same way)! 😉

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