Today I met my future son-in-law and let me just say, he’s absolute perfection. I love him already. 

My childhood bestie had her new little baby boy, Avi David, on Sunday night. He was born 6 lb 10 oz, but currently only weighs 6 lbs. He’s tiny!!!

Remember, Charlie was born 8 lbs 9 ounces. She was born a toddler 🙂

I went to spend a couple hours with my lovey friend and her soft and furry little baby boop. I was in absolute heaven. He’s so dang sweet and kissable. 

I love him. A lot. 

I’m ready to go back and give him more smoochies. 

I will say, I definitely forgot how overwhelming those first days/weeks are. I forgot about how scared I was by Charlotte or I guess scared at the idea of taking care of an infant. Everything is just so new and overwhelming and Oy. Add in the exhaustion. Those first weeks were tough. 

But thankfully it doesn’t take too long to get your bearings. Although, I barely left the house with Charlotte alone during those first three months. 

It will be interesting to see what happens when we have a second. Will it be less overwhelming? More overwhelming? Will it bring a whole new level of chaos? That’s such a scary thought.

But, I guess only time will tell! 

And now, check out how cute this little guy is…


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