Full of Love


Today started in the best possible way… with a nice little family snuggle session. The idea of “family snuggles” is literally how I convinced my husband we should upgrade our queen size bed to a king… and that was before I was even pregnant!

I just love it.

Charlotte happened to wake up early this morning, so we had a little extra time in our morning routine that gave us the opportunity to lay in bed while Charlie climbed all over us, waved to herself (and us) in the mirror, and played around! It was perfection.

By the time we got to work, Charlie was all pooped out and it was time to put her to bed right away… but not before I coaxed her into giving me some smoochies and a few “head bumps.” For some reason, Charlie is super stingy with most little signs of affection, but if you say “BOOP” in a high pitch tone and lean into her, she’ll usually smoosh her head/face against yours. It’s melt-worthy.

All in all, a great morning!

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