I’m the baby!!

Before Charlotte, there was Toby. He was our puppy baby for sure. We took him everywhere with us, we cuddled him, we coddled him… He was the babe.

But there’s a new girl in town and Toby’s definitely feeling the shift.

He’s always been a bit neurotic, but since Charlotte was born, it’s gone to a whole new level. He’s constantly shaking in fear or growling like a rabid dog. 

For the past week, we’ve been giving him this natural pill that’s supposed to relax him. It’s made from casein and is supposed to emulate the relaxation created from mother’s milk… Or something like that.

Regardless, I feel like there has been a slight difference. His growl outbursts seem to be a bit rarer and we’ve had many more sweet moments (at least in my opinion).

But as Toby becomes reunited with his calmer, less psychotic self, he’s started his re-election campaign for baby of the house…

“Look how sweet I am in this high chair!” i swear, we did not put him in here. No idea how he managed to get himself in there, but once he made it, he stayed put for quite some time.

“See? I can be quiet and sweet!”


the reigning princess takes back her thrown.


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