Best. Kiss(es). Ever.

Every day for the past couple weeks, I’ve been checking in with Charlie, asking her if she’s learned to kiss yet. Every day she’s been saying “nope!” Well, “saying”… Ie pushing my face away with her hands.

Thanks, baby.

That is, until today!! Today was the day… The most wonderful, glorious, magical day that I’ve been waiting for since I saw a friend with a similar aged babes say that she got smooches.

We took Charlotte to the children’s museum with my grandpa today – which as a side note was amaaazing! – and when we got home 1.5 hours past naptime, I fed little C and was hanging out with her in her room. We were in a pre-nap routine, but I couldn’t help but be wildly distracted by her uber sweet demeanor.

She was chatting in the sweetest little tiny voice. Being so gentle. Giving me koala hugs (as of today, my second favorite thing ever). Then, as she was loving on my face, it happened. She grabbed onto my cheeks and pulled me in for the sloppiest, tonguiest baby kiss ever.

I literally melted! Like… In that moment, if she could have asked for a pony, it would have been hers. I would have Amazon primed her a pony without a thought. “Of course, honey! Two days, free shipping. Pony=yours!”

She kept her sweet going and literally gave me kiss upon kiss.

After I finally put her in bed for the napski (yes, I delayed naptime and got in as many smooches as I could), I skipped out of her room, full grin on my face.

What a perfect string of moments.

Later that evening, her daddy asked for a bedtime smooch, and she literally leaned in and gave him two.

More melting.

Really, what could be more amazing?

And now, back to the museum, here are a few pictures and advice to anyone traveling to Milwaukee… Stop at the Betty Brinn Children’s museum! It was the coolest place ever.

It was set up as a little community with different stores and businesses… A full grocery store with fake food that scans at the checkout area, a post office and mail to deliver to all of the businesses, a city bus that the kids can “drive”, an auto body shop for the kids to fix cars… Even a news station with a green screen for the kids to deliver the news and weather. It was amazing.















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