7 Months of Lovliness

My sweetie pie pumpkin is seven months. How is that even possible? All of a sudden this month she has become a real person… Or maybe the more appropriate way to put it is that her personality has really developed.

She’s opinionated and funny and sweet. My absolute favorite moments with her are when she leans in to hold her head against mind. When she’s tired, she’ll just sit there with her cheek smashed against mine or her forehead tucked into mine. It’s the most perfect, smushy love time and I’m obsessed. Mark, too.

It’s funny, we’re like desperate teenagers sometimes, begging her for a little face smoosh. She often senses the desperation and pushes our head away. Sigh.

This month was the official crawling – and as an update, she’s now a legit crawling baby with a magnetic attraction to danger. Got a wire sticking out? She’ll yank it! Outlet nearby? She’ll cross the room to reach for it. She’s a curious little bunny, that’s for sure. Time to baby proof ASAP.

She also went on two more trips… PA for sweet Pop’s funeral and FL for her first trade show.

She fell in love with Minnie.

She became very daddy obsessed.

She can finally chase the kitty and puppy.

Oh! She’s waving now and starting to get the hang of “high five.”

She’s screaming like a scary baby who gives her mom nightmares… And can very quickly switch to a laugh if distracted… Which gives mom even scarier nightmares.

She’s a pretty awesome little lady.



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