Coconut Oil – the Best Diaper Cream

During one of many conversations with a lactation consultant, she mentioned that I should try using coconut oil on Charlotte’s diaper rash. Because of her food allergies, she was getting some wicked rashes. Literally, at any given time, she was healing from or starting a new rash. It was endless.

Enter coconut oil. My little babe’s bum and lady parts are soft, smooth and without rash. It’s crazy how effective it’s been. And the bonus is that I can put the oil all over her (the only moisturizer I use on her face and hands) and she smells like dessert.

I know coconut oil is weirdly solid, but just get a little chunk on your hand/finger and rub it around and it instantly melts to liquid. So easy!

After a quick google search, here’s some science behind it:

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help to promote the healing by soothing the baby’s delicate skin.

It has lauric acid (also found in breast milk) that treats these bacterial and fungal problems very effectively.

The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil helps to treat the yeast infection and also it will nourish and treat the irritated skin.

Lauric and Caprylic acids in this oil are the natural yeast fighting substances and all the medium chain fatty acids in this oil kills the yeast and other fungus that causes yeast diaper rash in your baby.

Good luck!!

10 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – the Best Diaper Cream

  1. I love coconut oil!! There are so many uses for it. I have used it in scrubs I make at home for myself and I smell great afterwords. It is also great in smoothies. I have never thought of using it as diaper cream. My little one has very sensitive skin and someone told me to use it for her eczema, but I never thought about it for diaper rash. I have been very lucky in that area though with little to no diaper rash here.

    • I use it as lotion, too! Im pretty much obsessed with it. As a random sidenote, I used it to pop popcorn on the stove and it literally tasted like movie theater popcorn. It was pure heaven.

  2. I’ve tried this as a facial moisturizer too, and it’s a bit too “oily” for me. But, works great to naturally remove eye makeup! Google “uses for coconut oil” and you’ll be blown away by the many uses!

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