Such a Big Girl – 26 Weeks

I know, I know… I say this every week, but how is my baby already 26 weeks old? That seems absolutely insane. Time is flying by way too quickly.

There hasn’t been anything too groundbreaking this week. The bunny hasn’t been taking her epic naps this week. She’s still only taking two naps, but one is about an hour (she goes down between 845 and 10) and the other is about 2.5 hours (goes down around 1ish.

She has been drooling like crazy and shoves just about anything and everything in her tiny little mouth. As of now, she doesn’t have anymore teeth, but I have to imagine more are coming.

We decided to start Charlie on solids this coming Saturday. So, in the spirit of that, I let her taste my apple yesterday. Charlotte was sitting on my lap while I was eating an apple (I was nursing her… A dual snack time if you will) and she just would not stop reaching for the apple. Finally, I gave in and let her guide my hand (with said apple) into her mouth. She just sucked on the dang thing until finally I pulled it away. She didn’t make a weird face, nothing. In fact, her only reaction was to whine and reach for it once I pulled it away.

I’m not even a little surprised that she’s going to be a good lover. Hubs and I both LOVE to eat.

What else… We got Charlotte a walker and a jumperoo this week ($30 total for both on Craigslist). She loves the jumperoo… We say “jump and jump and jump and jump…” And she bounces. It’s adorable! As for the walker, she likes hanging out in it (or eating books in it), but no walking quite yet.


We also started to give Charlie a soppy cup! She likes to chew on it and is becoming more interested, but not convinced quite yet. The first time I gave it to her, I put breast milk in it and she was angry. I think she may have accused the cup of stealing her mommy’s milk and banished it from her presence. We waited a few days before introducing it again, this time with water.

Charlie also attended her cousin Judah’s birthday party this weekend. We had been at a Packer (football) party beforehand, where she boycotted her nap, so she decided to shock us and nap for the first 40 minutes of the party… In a gym, with 25 five year olds. We were impressed!



Once she woke up, she had a blast (as did the hubs)!







Charlie also got lost in her toy box and got to cuddle and love on her Great Grandpop! It was a great week!



And here are her 26 week pics (taken a day late)…










4 thoughts on “Such a Big Girl – 26 Weeks

  1. It is so funny that you say she likes apples! We started solids a while back and I stuck to just baby food for a while, but she was always interested in what I was eating. We started at Thanksgiving giving her bites of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, which she loved, but not as much as the apple! I was eating an apple one day and she just went to town and did the same thing as your Charlie, she was fine then cried when I took it away. I have found a trick, you can cut some up; they have these nice little mesh things you put food in and the baby can chew on it and it keeps them from getting to big of a bite. I love them because I can eat my apple without little miss taking mine from me! Have fun with solids!! They are a mess, but such a blast!

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