Two Tooth Magoo

Guess who cut two teeth?!? Yep! Miss Charlotte! I’ve known that she was working on one and kind of thought I felt another… Then, when I felt in her mouth today, I got poked by two sharp little nubs!

I’m guessing that the little teethers were big contributors to Charlotte’s stellar mood this past week. But considering, it really wasn’t so bad.

I can’t even believe it… I have a baby who is about to crawl, can sit almost unassisted. AND has two teeth! How did this girl get so old already?

I tried to snap a picture of her tiny nub teeth, but anytime I got close, she either licked my finger, shoved it into her mouth for a good gnaw, or grab for the camera.


My baby is growing up.

11 thoughts on “Two Tooth Magoo

  1. Nealia just cut her first tooth today too! She woke up last night around 2am crying which she hasn’t done in months, I was like what the heck? And this morning I felt a little sharp tooth poking through! It’s crazy how fast things happen!! Our nanny’s son is a week older than her and has 4 teeth that he’s had since he was like 4 months haha! It’s crazy!

  2. Kenna cut 2 teeth about a week and a half ago, but they still have to finish coming up. She has also been in a GREAT mood. LOL Teething tabs, Tylenol and Motrin have been lifesavers in this house!! Good luck!

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