One Step Closer to Crawling

The tiny one has been in SUCH a mood. She’s been making this nonstop whining noise. This sounds horrible to say out loud, but it’s been suuuper annoying. Sorry, Charlie. I love you, but you’ve been a little annoying these past couple of days. Anyway, yesterday she took a much welcomed break from spazing to share SUCH a precious little moment with her dad and I.

She woke up early from a nap and still seemed tired (and cranky)… so, I gave her a toy and put her back in her crib. She played in there, squeaking about, for almost an hour until she started fussing to get out.

Mark and I went into her room to discover her popped up in crawling position. I’m so grateful that Mark immediately grabbed his camera and caught this adorable little gem on tape. Not to mention the excitement and craziness that is this little woman! She gave us SUCH a great laugh and is well on her way to figuring out the magic of crawling.


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