High School Mommas’ Play Date

Today I got together with six other mommies from my high school. We all graduated 11 years ago and many of us haven’t seen each other since then. However, with Facebook, somehow we’ve all kind of “kept in touch.” So, with everyone home for the holidays, we decided to get together for a little play date.

I have to admit, the whole thing gave me anxiety. I’m not the most outgoing and tend to avoid situations like this, but I knew it would be nice to be around other mommies (especially ones I know) and more importantly, it would be great for little Charlie to play with other mini people.

All in all, it really was a great time. It’s just way too much to see so many little pumpkins in one room. Charlotte doesn’t get as much time with tiny ones as I would like, so it makes me happy to see her lunge towards other babies, laughing all the way. She’s a little hug lover.

For your enjoyment, here’s the baby gang…

All the babes... 7 weeks up to 12 months!

All the babes… 7 weeks up to 12 months!

Mini people

Mini people


Baby chaos.

Baby chaos.

Charlie was such a good girl!

Charlie was such a good girl!



This is one of my faves. So funny.

This is one of my faves. So funny.


One thought on “High School Mommas’ Play Date

  1. I would be the SAME exact way! I’d force myself to go, but I’d definitely feel anxious about it!! 🙂
    But it sounds as though it was worth it. Oh my goodness, that picture of all the little ones on the couch is just too priceless!

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