4 Lovely Months

As of one week ago, our little princess turned four big months old. It’s really so crazy how fast the time has flown by. I’ve heard that I will continue to say this with each age, but I am head over heels with this age. The past month has been absolute perfection (even on crappy days like today) and it seriously gets better all the time.

Why? Our cute little tiny infant is turning into the mini person. She’s interactive and sweet and funny. She plays and rolls over and copies and laughs. She loves. Oy.

I am just mad about this tiny lady. Lately, she loves to touch and grab faces. I know this is going to become a painful little habit, but for now, it’s so endearing.

I just love her. Ohhh!! I almost forgot… She cuddles. Oh does she cuddle. It’s just so sweet.

What can I say… I’m smitten!









4 thoughts on “4 Lovely Months

  1. My baby arrived on Tuesday!!!! 🙂
    I thought I’d hate the infant stage, but – even with the difficult moments – I am loving it SO much! My husband and I both said today that we wished he’d stay little for a long time. Ha, ha.

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