17 Weeks of Bliss

My sweet little pumpkin turned 17 weeks yesterday. This week has included a lot of rolling. The princess pie began sleeping on her tummy this week. I do not appreciate it at all. Back is best… but clearly Charlotte has not gotten the memo. Grrr.

She’s also just getting so big. She’s really starting to love her excersaucer and she’s just such a little love.











4 thoughts on “17 Weeks of Bliss

  1. Ok, several things here…they grow up way to fast, being a new mom of a 6 month old I have figured that out way to quick!! Also I love the sweater she is wearing in the first two pictures, it looks so grown up. The sleeping on the belly, well my Kenna never did that, but if she can roll from back to belly the thought is she can keep herself from suffocating. As a nurse there are so many things I can say to you to make you feel a little better about her sleeping on her belly, but I won’t get into that right now. Last but not least, she has a precious smile!! I love it in the last few pictures, my Kenna bug will smile until I pull out the camera then she has a serious look on her face!! I love seeing your updates!

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