She Slept & Slept & Woke Up Older

Yesterday seemed absolutely crazy. At 4:45 pm, Charlotte had already slept over 14 hours. That means that she had literally been awake for less than 2 hours of the day.

During one of her super epic naps, I had brought her into work from the car asleep and put her (in her car seat) in the conference room where her work crib is. That nap lasted over 3 hours, during which time I went in there twice to check up on her. The first time I went in to check on her and was pretty sure I saw her moving. It was dark and hard to see. Then, another hour went by and I started to doubt myself. Had I seen her moving? Or was it just my eyes? Clearly, I had to go back in and check on her.

This time, I touched her sweet little face and her hand moved. Phew. But still, by 4:45 when she was still sleeping, I decided I should wake her to feed her. She had gone 16 hours with very little food… Plus, I was worried she wouldn’t sleep at night. In hindsight, I’m not sure if I should have woken her.

Anyway, I picked her up out of her car seat and started feeding her. Within minutes, she pooped (very typical Charlie). So, I put her on the changing table (aka my desk) and before I could even touch her, she very simply rolled over from back to tummy for the first time. I was totally amazed.

The amount of excited praise I gave this child was absurd, but it blew me away. I’ve never seen her practice it (besides when I would make practicing rolling over a game for her) and she just did it with such ease. Like, “duh Mom, this is just what I do!”

It was like she needed this epic sleep to cross over some big developmental hurdles. It was pretty amazing. She literally woke up a big girl. My big little girl.

Here’s our girl after her very first back to tummy roll…


Pretty amazing if you ask me. Just more confirmation that this age is just the best. It’s so fun and sweet and exciting and precious. Side story, multiple times over the past week or two, Mark and I have been talking and he’s said something like, “I just love our little family so much” or, “she really is just perfect!”


As for C, she ended up sleeping over 17 hours last night… And did an overnight stretch! 830 pm – 530 am!

One thought on “She Slept & Slept & Woke Up Older

  1. Awwww, way to go, Charlotte!! 🙂 That WAS a very restful, productive sleep! I wish I could sleep for a long time and then wake up with new abilities! Ha, ha. Oh, the joy and magic of having a newborn and getting to watch them experience such moments!! I can’t wait until I get to experience this first-hand. 🙂

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