14 Weeks & So Lovely

So, with everything going on last week, I forgot to post Charlotte’s 14 week update. So, here it is.

The little one continues to grow. She is no longer sleeping in a swaddle, which is a big deal. She loves her newfound freedom and frequently sleeps on her side or with both arms above her head.


She copied me the other day. I rolled my lips to make a motor sound and she repeated. And now, she’s constantly spitting. Oops.

She’s still wearing 3-6 months and just seems so big. She loves sitting up (with assistance of course) and really enjoys her little activity mats.

She is also rolling over from Timmy to back again and seems like if she really put her mind to it, she could get from back to tummy.

She gets a huge smile on her face every time we go in to get her after a nap or night’s rest. And is a very happy little love.

She is really discovering her voice. She loves to “talk” very loudly. It’s one of my favorite things. She’s a talker like her mom 🙂


Cutie Pie.


Telling Lamby a little story.


Happy little cherub.


Where’s the milk???


“No more pictures!! We’re spent!”


Hi 🙂


Talking up a little storm.


So sweet.

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