Charlie Pie is 9 Weeks Old!

I mean, really! How have 9 weeks flown by already? It’s so crazy to see the changes. She went from this little cute and delicate and precious little eating/sleeping/pooping machine to this special and perfect little person. It’s so amazing to see her personality coming through. Oy. I just love her more than I could have ever imagined.

Besides just becoming more and more lovely, our girl has also started to get on a good schedule in the day. I was hoping to post about napping separately, but the short version is that sweetie pie is napping in her crib!! Yay! Other than that, she continues to get more and more neck strength and head control. She’s the smiliest thing ever. She’s becoming way more vocal and is an expert spit bubbler. Oh, and a master drooler.

This week we’ve also been practicing rolling over. Maybe I’ll take a video one of these days. It’s kind of silly.

And here’s the fun part… Her sweet pictures (taken one day late):







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