My baby is sleeping in her own room

Tonight we gave sweet Charlotte a bath…




After her bath and some milk, we put the sweet princess in her crib. She was in a milk induced sleep, which lasted about 5 minutes. We left her in her crib, as she continued to stay content. She talked to the sheep on her mobile, she looked around and she zoned out. Meanwhile, the hubs and I took care of some MUCH needed cleaning and organizing around the house.

Fast forward about an hour and a half to two hours, the sweet baby fell asleep in her crib. So, not wanting to wake her, we decided to let her sleep in her crib tonight. Alone. Without us.

Now, I’m laying in bed about to go to sleep and feeling surprisingly sad. I miss my little pumpkin. Guess who will be watching this all night…


As a side note, how cute is this little angry muffin??




2 thoughts on “My baby is sleeping in her own room

    • I got a little anxious with her in the other room, so after about 5 hours, I had the hubs get her. She was fussing through a poop, but still sleeping… Probably should have left her in there, but I missed my baby. He changed her, I fed her and within 30-45 she was back to sleep (in our room)… She’s still sleeping now! Going on 7 hours since we brought her in here. This woman loves to sleep!

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