This Little Pumpkin is 5 Weeks Old

I can’t believe another week has flown by and our girl continues to change. This past week, she has really needed up… And not just in the chunky way… I think she’s gotten longer, too! In fact, we weighed her today and she is 11.5 lbs! That means she’s up about 3 lbs since birth.

Besides just gaining weight, she’s also gaining new tricks and traits. Her tummy time performance is totally improved. She pretty much keeps her head up the whole time and is still rolling from her belly to her back.

She’s also smiling and laughing and just much more aware. She makes eye contact and follows things with her eyes.

When she’s really hungry, she will let out a huge yawn and top it off with a shriek. It’s actually quite cute and silly.

And, this week I’ve decided that she loves me… And not only because I’ve got the milk. That’s definitely what led her to love me, but now I think she just finds comfort in me and enjoys me. We spend a lot of time during the day chatting and playing and making eyes at each other. I’m definitely the quickest way to make her happy or quiet her down… And I love it. It’s crazy how much I am just totally head over heels for this sweet child. Even on days like today when she fussed her way through everything, boycotted naps, threw up milk barf ALL over the both of us, peed all over herself and outfit, dug her nails into my nipple and pulled (aka baby titty twister), and fussed some more. Even today, sweet girl, I love you to pieces.







And here are a couple of us when we stopped by the office…





8 thoughts on “This Little Pumpkin is 5 Weeks Old

    • I heard once that you should do tummy time 50% of their awake time. I don’t do traditional tummy time that long, but spend a lot of time during the day with her laying on my chest doing “tummy time”… Aka lifting her head up. But I try to do the traditional her on a blanket on her tum tummy time at least once a day.

    • Wow! Thank you so much! I hardly feel like an inspiration, but I’m glad you enjoy reading. Maybe I should use that as my inspiration to post my birth story. I will try to post it tomorrow!!

      • Ooh, I definitely can’t wait to read it! I love reading birth stories, because I feel as though they prepare me for my own baby’s birth. (There’s usually a whole lot of painful, make-this-stop memories followed by feelings of wow-that-was-so-worth-it)! 🙂

      • Mine definitely wasn’t what I planned, but it left me thinking a) there’s no planning… All you can do is trust in your strength. And b) labor is unlike anything ever. I did so many exercises and meditations and while there was absolutely no way I could have been prepared for the experience, I think my meditations and my workouts provided me with the focus I needed to endure the experience. That’s not said to scare at all. The pain is crazy, but once you find your focus, it’s manageable. Your body gets in a rhythm and taking the time to understand that rhythm was the key for me. I stayed completely in the moment. I couldn’t think past the contraction or rest period I was in. I would just keep thinking, “get over the hump, get over the hump, get over the hump.” And once I reached the top of the contraction and was on my way down, I could relax a little. But even during those rests, I was only in that moment. You will be great! Again, just trust in your strength… The most grueling challenge is with your mind… Not your body!

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