My First Night Out

This past Saturday was a big day for me, and honestly, a day I was pretty nervous about. It was one of my closest friend’s bachelorette party, which meant a night out and away from my tiny pumpkin.

Other than the bachelorette party, I had only ever been away from Charlotte for about an hour or two when I went to get a mani / pedi with my mom and sister.

Anyway, I pumped all week in anticipation of the big night out and had 13 ounces for the hubby to feed her with. I was gone from about 5 until 12 and in that time, my little milk monster drank it all! As a side note, I somehow survived without pumping at all during the night, which then got everything (my supply) all out of whack.

When I got home, Charlotte was sleeping, so I decided to pump. Of course, an hour later, she was up and ready to eat. SO, hubs ended up bottle feeding her the 7 or so ounces I had just pumped. I was super frustrated that she had to take another bottle.

The next morning, I fed her and pumped after. I had to clean my pump parts, so I was a little too delayed in pumping and she was screaming for more milk before my bits could replenish. F*ck! Another bottle needed. Pumping fail.

After that, we were just in a weird little routine. I literally fed her nonstop from about 4 until 10 when we went to bed. BUT, after that, she slept 6.5 hours, woke up for 20 minutes to eat and then slept for another 3 hours. Best night ever.

Anyway, I’ve totally digressed. Back to the bachelorette party… It was really great! Despite having the mom guilt pit in my stomach the whole way over to my friend’s house, I was really able to relax and enjoy myself. Of course, I missed my girl like crazy, but it was nice to just be me for a few hours. And of course, enjoy my friends!





2 thoughts on “My First Night Out

  1. Good for you for getting out! I’m sorry to hear that it messed with your feeding schedule, but I’m sure it meant so much to your friend that you were there. I’ll be facing a similar situation next summer, so this gives me an idea of how it might go.

  2. Yay for night outs!! We are going to a wedding this Saturday and I am a little nervous/ very excited all at the same time 🙂 Happy you got to spend some time with your friends AND get some solid sleep- that’s a win win!!

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