Today I Googled, “How to play with a newborn”

It still shocks me that they let us take this tiny fragile little lady home with us to take care of forever. What the hell do we know about being parents?

I literally know that I should feed her pretty much all the time (or whenever she asks for more milk in her high pitched, silly little way), she needs lots of sleep, and tummy time is important. Past that, I’m a little lost. Hence, today’s google search.

Charlotte has been having more awake times or maybe longer awake times and seems to be looking for more stimulation, but is still, well, two weeks old. And really can only do so much. I didn’t end up finding much from my search, but coincidentally, I did have a great playtime with her.

It lasted about 10-15 minutes! She laid on the floor on her quilt from Grandma while I cooed at her, made noises, gave her kisses, and so on. At moments, she even seemed responsive. I guess for now, that’s how we’ll play! She’s just so uninterested in toys.

Anyway, play time obviously resulted in one hungry little milk monster, so we had to conclude quickly and move directly into nursing. It’s hard being two weeks old.

And for fun, check out the tiny person enjoying her nap…




And here’s her post playtime, post nursing catnap before nursing some more…


4 thoughts on “Today I Googled, “How to play with a newborn”

  1. I also wondered what I should be doing to stimulate him during his awake time..although mostly I am trying to calm down his little belly- there are some moments I’ll just talk to him and be all up in his face. He seems to like it 🙂 bless him. Love the nap pics- if only we could get some good hand raised above our heads nap time too!

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