Just 5 More Minutes…!!

So, this baby still refuses to show her cute little face, but I’m feeling confident (ish) that given a little more time, she will. Soooo… This morning I called our doc to ask (with a hint of beg) if we could postpone our induction, which was scheduled for tomorrow, until Sunday or Monday. She has hesitantly agreed.

That means that we still have loads of time to relax/walk/acupuncture/breast pump/sex/evening primrose oil/clary sage oil this baby out of me.

And in the meantime, I have to apologize to my family and friends, as I will likely be remaining off the grid. For some reason, it seems to be helping me stay relaxed and positive to stay relatively close to home and with little-to-no contact with the outside world. I’ll resurface soon with an amazing little baby in tow. Thanks for being patient with me.


Yesterday felt like a really productive day. Baby seems like she could be a smidge lower and I was having contractions all day (starting the night before and lasting through bedtime). Even more exciting was that I officially lost my mucus plug. I had thought I saw a piece of it in the toilet in the afternoon, but wasn’t totally sure. Then, around 8 or so, a big, pinkish-tinged chunk came out. I called Mark into the bathroom to check it out. We high fived 🙂 The rest of it came out around 9.

I went to bed super excited thinking, “this is it!!” And was even more disappointed when I woke up to pee a few hours later and had not a single sign of labor. Today was pretty much the same… Pee induced contractions, but nothing like the day before. Needless to say, I was a little sad and discouraged today.

But, the hubs and I took a 3.3 mile walk (we downloaded an app that tracks your distance) and by the end, I was finally feeling better. It took probably 2 miles until I started really talking and once I did, I felt way better. I explained my frustrations and disappointments of the day and felt like a little weight was lifted. Like I could get over it at that point. And now, I feel ready to get some rest and start fresh tomorrow with my third acupuncture session.

Also, as a side-note, I love acupuncture. Both days I’ve left feeling really good. High energy, positive, and progressed. So hopefully tomorrow will be another good one!

14 thoughts on “Just 5 More Minutes…!!

  1. Hey Melissa,
    So… you and I have never met but we are family. I’m Howie’s wife, Theresa. Mom to Sarah, Izaak and Emma, Mark’s first cousins. Last night Ellie wrote about the baby still being tucked in, and the “pressure to deliver” and I sent her an email relating my experience on same.

    Long story short… I delivered two of my three babies at home because the hospital induction process with Sarah was not good to say the least. The best thing you can do right now? Walk. Walk. Walk. I’m going to email Mark what I sent to Ellie last night.

    The other best thing? RELAX. let go of the due date. Take your cell phone off the hook. Tell all those who want to know what’s going on that they will hear in due time. And just focus on a few things: yourself, your baby, your old man. Everything else will follow. Lotsa love, Theresa

    • Thank you! Ellen actually passed the message on to Mark and I, which inspired our 3-mile minimum. We are really happy to have been given the weekend to just relax and hibernate together. Our plan? Lots of walks and hanging out at home 🙂 Thank you so much for looking out for us. We really appreciate your love and support! Can’t wait to share the big news of this little girl entering the world. Xo

  2. I keep eagerly checking your blog, hoping to see that your little one has arrived! 🙂 But even if it hasn’t happened yet, I’m sure it will be soon!!!!! And for now, great job keeping your head up! 🙂

  3. I completely understand your pee induced contractions! I’ve had them too, and I think “Hey, maybe something is starting!”…..and then I pee. Good luck to you!

  4. I love that you guys high fived losing the mucus plug! Sounds like you are doing a great job staying positive, the little one will come soon & it will be a blur & you’ll never remember what your life was like without her 🙂 Good luck with your delivery and enjoy the calm in the waiting game.

  5. I agree with this time just being alone with your husband is important… You’re going to do so great with labor and delivery- take this time to just relax… Rest is good! I’m so impressed with how you handled everything so far you’re such a good mom already – ((hugs))

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