On Your Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Been Your Birthday…

Dearest Baby Girl,

What better time to write you a letter than today… your due date? This is a day that your pops and I have been counting down for nearly 300 days. This is the day we had hoped to meet you. But really, knowing that you’re half me and half your father, how could we have ever expected you to be early or even on time? A very known secret about your parents… we’re pretty much always late. It seems as if you might follow in our footsteps.

But don’t worry, while we may get angry at you for your tardiness in the future, today, we are not. We are so grateful for you – whether inside my belly or outside in this world – and we know that when you’re ready to grace this world with your beautiful presence, you will. And when you do, the world and our lives will be better because of it. We love you so much already. You already make us laugh, we already enjoy playing with you (yes, when we’re poking and prodding you through my belly, we consider that playing), and you’ve already changed our world for the better. So as you prepare to enter this world, remember how much we love you and know that it will surely be a celebration when you arrive.

We are lucky, sweet girl. You and I have been able to share a gift that is more special than anything; the gift of life. You lived off of me and I lived for you. And soon, we will work together again to bring you into the world. It might feel weird and it might be a little uncomfortable and mommy might scream some words that you’re never to repeat, but remember, that I’m working for you and that I will keep you safe. Together, we can do anything.

So, happy shoulda, woulda, coulda been your birthday. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Can’t wait to kiss your sweet toes,



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