Another Day, Another Cervix Check

Well, today was my last pre-due-date appointment with my OB. After the past two disappointing visits, I wasn’t really looking forward to this one and really had pretty low expectations for progress. I can’t say I was way off, but miraculously, I don’t feel the same devastation as my last visits.

Something about today’s visit made me feel optimistic.

So, my measurements… I’m now officially 1 cm dilated (I could feel the difference, as it didn’t feel like she was poking the back of my eyeballs this time), I’m “more effaced, ” but forgot to ask for the actual number, and she’s still in the -3 position… BUT, my doc can feel that she’s coming down into the canal. After she optimistically said all this, I questioned how this was good even though everything was pretty much the same and this was her response (and just another reason why I really like her):

It always gets a little confusing when I stop lying. But this time, you’re really 1 cm and she is coming down. It feels like there’s more room in there than I had originally thought.

So, I’ll take this as good news. I mean, I can feel that she’s in a different position. She did say that she doesn’t think it’s going to happen until at least next week, but sheesh who the hell knows anymore. I’m just hoping that she comes when she’s ready and that it happens to be within the next two weeks. Also, my doctor is off from tomorrow until next Thursday. And one of my best friends is getting married on July 5th. Oy. So many dates to avoid.

Time to let it all go, right? Whatever will be will be.


Mentally, I feel really good. I don’t know how or why, but I’m not asking questions. Physically, I’ve been a bit uncomfortable today. My back is a bit achy (I NEED to go to the chiropractor) and I’m feeling crampy and pretty tired. BUT, it’s really sunny out and a temperature that is actually enjoyable… aka, I can be outside without insta-sweat. It’s wonderful.

Also, despite the fact that our due date is tomorrow, I just set up a baby pool online. The website is and it’s seriously so fun/silly/entertaining. I’d recommend doing one. It’s free and just a silly thing to do with friends and family.

Other than that, tomorrow is Friday (the due date). Hubs and I are going to go for a nice dinner and then maybe go to this pottery place near us. I’m excited. Should be a fun weekend together. Also, lots of walking.

That’s all for now!

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