Mental (& Physical) Health Day

Yesterday I took a mental health day. It was a little physical, although, it’s hard to justify not working simply because I’m ginormous, swollen and uncomfortable. BUT, the beauty of being 9.5 months pregnant is that you feel less of a need to justify and more of a need to just do whatever it takes to stay afloat (metaphorically… I have a feeling in a pool of water, I’d sink for sure). So, I took the day off.

I woke up around 8:30, made eggs, and watched a movie. By the time my movie was over, it was just about time for lunch. Which, lucky for me, included my husband. Hubs came home and we hung out and ate lunch… quickly… and he was off. Then, Toby and I went back to the couch to watch Endless Love. While I was entertained, I have to admit, this movie is 1000% a Notebook wanna-be… and it definitely fell short. The plot and even specific scenes were just so similar. And let’s be honest, you just can’t be the Notebook. It’s way too good. After an excessive amount of couch time – which was actually my goal for the day – I took a nice bath and listened to my birthing meditation CD. This is definitely my happy place. In fact, I conked out in the bath and woke up over an hour later. In hind sight, this might be a little dangerous when home alone… but oh well! We survived.

Couch snuggles

Couch snuggles

Sleepy pup

Sleepy pup

After the bath nap, I was actually more tired than I was before, so I relaxed on the couch some more. I was supposed to have dinner with my girlfriend, but honestly, the idea of showering, getting ready and then having to do something else (eat/drive/etc) was just way too much. I hate to flake, but I had to. I’ve actually been really flakey lately. I think it stems from me being VERY emotional this past week or so. I’m SO tired – like flu tired – and feeling a little nervous and uncomfortable and huge and blah. Anyway, it hasn’t put me in a very social mood lately. I apologize to all those I’ve bailed on recently.

After my post-bath unwind, I somehow managed to drag my butt to the gym, where I was pretty much uninvited. The gym owner/trainer said that I could work out until Tuesday or so and then it was time to call it quits until after the baby comes. He said switching to just taking walks is a better idea. So, I guess I’ll get a few more workouts in and then it’s break time.

When I got home, I spent about 1.5 hours picking up the house. We have a house guest staying with us for the weekend. While I’m very excited to see her, I’m not going to lie, this has added a touch to my anxiety. I told her that if by some crazy chance I go into labor this weekend, I’m going to kick her out. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, because that feels just mean, but again, at 9.5 months pregnant, I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. I also have a wedding to attend this weekend. I’m hoping my feet will cooperate so I don’t have to wear tennies 🙂

Now a nice, unconventional baby gift… my friend made some lovely illegal graffiti art for the baby. A picture of her waiting to come out. Pretty cool, right? Baby, if you’re reading this, illegal graffiti art is NOT cool or okay.

Compliments of Polli.

Compliments of Polli.


One thought on “Mental (& Physical) Health Day

  1. I am also feeling the anti-social thing…which for me is very unusual. Hope your little girl waits until the coast is clear of guests…although I’m thinking a baby on Fathers Day would be so sweet 😉 TGIF- enjoy your weekend!!

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