I Sweat, I Bled & I Dilated… A Little

Today was my 37-Week Appointment with the doc. At my last appointment, I was feeling a little discouraged because while I had effaced a bit (50%), the baby was positioned pretty high (-4 position) and my cervix was closed for business.

Since then, I’ve been bouncing and rocking on my ball, walking, and doing everything else I could to keep things moving.

Anyway, almost instantly upon entering the exam room, I got one of the delightful hot flashes I’ve been battling these days. I’m talking full on sweat. By the time the doc came in and listened to the heartbeat, my face was literally sweaty. Thankfully, my amazing husband grabbed a pamphlet about god knows what off the wall and started fanning my face. Umm… can we say already an amazing birth partner? That fan literally saved me from a VERY uncomfortable experience.

After the doc listened to the heartbeat, it was time for her to get up in there. I’m not going to lie, it took my words away. My nervous chatter turned to silent wincing. It wasn’t terrible, just not comfortable. BUT, totally worth it for the update I received. Once she removed her bloody… yes, bloody… fingers from my lady parts, she informed me that I had progressed! Not a ton, but any progress is great news in my book. I am now 60% effaced and 1/2 a centimeter dilated! She said she could have probably gotten the finger in there to make it 1 cm, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it… so 1/2 it is! AND, our little babes has moved down a bit and is now at the -3 position. Still a ways to go, but I’m just over the moon that we’re making progress. I feel a resurgence of confidence in my body.

On a sillier note, my doc came in saying, “I had a dream about you last night!” She continued to explain her dream…

You came into the hospital thinking you were in labor. I checked you and it appeared as if you were. I had to finish something, so I left your room for a little and when I got back, you were gone. The nurse said that there was a new hospital policy that required patients to labor in one room and deliver in the OR. So, I went searching for this OR, but could not find it. Finally, I found it (and you) and you had delivered your baby. You were totally pissed at me for missing your delivery, but I was really happy that it went so quickly for you and was so easy. It meant things went according to your birth plan. Then I think my cat must have woken me up.

Honestly, I REALLY liked the fact that I had gotten into my doctor’s head so much and that she is concerned about giving me the delivery experience we are hoping for. Makes me feel like she actually cares and that it is somewhat of a priority to her. SO, all in all, today was a great appointment. I feel like progress was made in all areas… with my body, the baby, and my doctor.


Holy swelling. I gained 3 lbs this week, which my doc is pretty sure is directly related to the swelling… and of course our sweet girl beefing up. But really, my hands and feet are pretty damn thick and my ankles are starting to really look like cankles. Sexy momma over here.

But, besides the recent thickening, I really feel great. The hubs has been amazing and I’m feeling good and happy. Definitely pretty damn tired, but I think that’s just the way it is now. It really does go in waves. From about 2-6p, I’ve been feeling pretty zombie-like. Before and after that point, it’s more manageable.

And as for my back, it’s been SO great! I think I’m going to make an appointment to see the chiropractor just to proactively address any back issues, but really, I feel good.

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