Interesting Information on Inductions

Last night I was searching online for a “cervix dilation visualization” meditation and came across some interesting information on inductions. First, I should explain my original search… I’ve been thinking that maybe if I could find a guided meditation to help relax exactly the right muscles to promote dilation and effacement, it could help in my labor.

While I did NOT find anything of the sort, here’s an interesting article/chart I found regarding your inductability (probably not a word??)… aka: how induceable (I think I made up this word, too) you are. Why is this important? One of the risks with induction is that you’re forcing your body to labor before it’s naturally ready. But, I guess there is some score that you can be rated that takes into consideration a heap of factors and estimates how conducive your current conditions are for an induction. Your score should be 7 or above… here’s the score chart:

The chart and some background info...

The chart and some background info…

More information on calculating your score.

More information on calculating your score.

I thought this was interesting. Obviously, I do not want to be induced, but for some reason, this felt very useful so I thought I’d share.



Last night, Mark and his dad loaded up his dad’s car and went off to return the chair/ottoman. We were all VERY relieved to find out it was actually quite easy! SO, now we officially only have one chair again… well, we will have one chair… when it arrives in a bazillion weeks. Maybe I should start calling them every day to see if it’s ready yet? 🙂 Okay, maybe not.

In other news, I went through all of our 3-6 month hand-me-down clothes last night and decided what I want to keep. It’s CRAZY how many clothes this miniature child has. These piles are literally 3-6 month only…

Lost in a sea of tiny clothes.

Lost in a sea of tiny clothes.

And in case it wasn’t clear, I’m obsessed with my puppy. He’s just so cute…



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