Did I Mention that I Peed on Myself?

Yes… I peed on myself. In my recap of yesterday’s doctor’s visit, I was so distracted by my weight gain, I forgot to mention that my belly has officially gotten so large that I can no longer find my lady parts… SO, when I went to pee in the cup – as I do at each appointment – I missed. I tried very hard to move my belly with one hand in order to get a view of where exactly to hold the cup, but ended up having to “go with my gut” a bit and give it a guess! Well, turns out my guess was wrong, because I literally peed all over my hand.


In other news, today is officially my Work Wife, Katie’s, last day. To say the least, I am not pleased with her departure. Not because of the added work, but because she forced me to allow work friends into my world and now I rely on her for daily entertainment. I swear I used to be able to go to work, get my stuff done and leave without too much interaction… now I expect a full chat session daily and a fun pal to bitch about… well, just about anything to. Thank goodness for email. Less chatting, more emailing.


Last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend I met at Ideal Image. It’s a weird story, but she was actually the nurse removing my hair. Not a traditional way to meet a new friend, but I don’t really consider myself too traditional, so whatever. Anyway, we became friends because I swear she is my 4-day-younger – and much taller – doppelganger. We don’t look a thing alike, but our lives are SO parallel it’s scary. Here are some similarities… she is exactly 4 days younger, our husbands are both a year younger than us, they were both in the military, we got engaged at pretty much the exact same time… and personalities… we are very similar.

Anyway, somehow in the midst of both of us planning our weddings, we totally lost touch. Then, randomly, I saw a pin she had posted on Pinterest a couple weeks ago that was baby related… so I sent her a text and asked if she was pregnant. Now mind you, we had not spoken for probably just under two years… turns out, she is pregnant… with a girl… due 4 days after me! HOW RANDOM IS THAT?

So, last night, we had a hilarious dinner sharing in all the silly pregnancy woes. It was really a great time.

Being that we are both pregs, I was on my way home from dinner by 7:30 🙂 Yes, we met for dinner at 5:30. It was pretty awesome. When I got home, I was somehow super productive. I did two loads of baby laundry, put things away, purged some items, set up the baby monitors with my hubs, and so on. The negative? I didn’t get in bed until after 11 pm. SO, yet again, I’m totally drained. I definitely need to sleep more.

On an even more random note, I’ve been pretty emotional these past few days/weeks. Mark has been so busy with work, so even when he’s home, he’s sitting at the table doing work. Or going through the motions of helping me with something, but his head is totally in his work. While I feel really bad that he’s so stressed, the selfish part of me is also feeling pretty neglected/lonely/etc. I miss my husband. He said he’s going to completely let go of work this weekend, so hopefully we can enjoy each other a bit.

6 thoughts on “Did I Mention that I Peed on Myself?

  1. That is so crazy about your friend! I have a similar friend- it’s my Boss’ daughter. We have birthdays a day apart- terribly similar ex BF stories- lived in the same towns with similar roommate situations- once something happens to me it happens to her or vice versa. She got engaged- I got engaged…I got pregnant- she got pregnant. We have a running joke of asking each other what the next big thing will be in our lives (by seeing what’s up with the other)…it’s always fun to share life with some one else who really is going through the same things!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend with a hubby that can give you lots of attention 🙂
    Oh and thank you for sharing your pee story- gave me quite a chuckle!!

    • Isn’t it so crazy when you meat someone who is literally living your life or some freakishly closer variation of it? I just love it. And oy. I think the lesson is pee first, then catch. What was I thinking? 🙂

      • This is probably TMI but I have always just held it right up to the source, like made contact with my skin…I realized after FINALLY reading the instructions on how to “properly catch a urine sample” that this was a No No. LOL the things you learn..I’ll prob still do it though- so far no weird tests results have come back because of it.

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