Growing To Do List…

So, this weekend amongst all the celebrations and family time, Mark and I also attended another baby class… this one called, “Bringing Home Baby.” While much of the information was either a bit obvious or things we had already looked into, what I did get out of the class is that I still have a lot to do.

My/our growing list…

  1. Put together our birth plan
  2. Research/Interview/Select a pediatrician
  3. Pack our hospital bag
  4. Get car seat bases installed
  5. Organize baby clothes
  6. Write thank you cards for all the amazingness from my shower
  7. Go through all of the miscellaneous items in the basement… toss what we don’t want, determine what to sell in our neighborhood’s annual garage sale, and put away the rest.
  8. Finish reading Love & Logic
  9. Finish reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
  10. Buy nursing bras/post-baby clothing
  11. Make freezer meals for post-baby era
  12. PICK A NAME for this sweet, nameless baby! Oy. This one is really turning out to be a challenge.
  13. Enjoy childless times with friends and hubbers!
  14. Attend three weddings (one that I’m standing up in)
  15. Finish organizing/purchasing all of our baby stuff
  16. Get our garden ready for the spring/summer, plant, etc.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Feels kind of good to get it out there. Next step, tackling it!


My back is super uncomfortable today. Mostly lower back. I have the worst damn chair at work, so that could be a big reason… or because I was up late last night prepping food for our big 12-person dinner at our place tonight… or a combo. Either way, it’s a bit sore.

Other than that, I’m feeling REALLY good and excited! Baby boo continues to move around a lot… although, from what I can tell, she’s only moving from forward facing to back facing and doing the squiggle. She hasn’t seemed to flip orientation at all.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but twice in the past week, I’ve felt her hiccups. I wasn’t sure what to expect when people said I would start to feel it, and I must say, it’s quite silly. She must be low, because I swear it felt like I had hiccups in my butt. It was a VERY strange sensation.

Also, it snowed yesterday and last night… WTF?? Is spring ever coming? It’s April 15th for goodness sake… bring on the sunshine!

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