The Nursery Experiment

So, I had two real-life children in the nursery last night…

These little nuggets to be exact:

My favorite blondies.

My favorite blondies.

My friend, Jenna (JP), came over with the boys last night to bring HOMEMADE ice cream and chocolate cupcakes, catch up a little, and check out the nursery. She’s pretty amazing, huh? And let me tell you, the ice cream/strawberry/chocolate cupcake combo REALLY hit the spot. So delicious.

Anyway, we were laughing as the boys ate their ice cream because I could feel myself getting anxious about the mess. And honestly, it wasn’t a big deal at all, but yet I couldn’t help feeling ultra-aware of where their ice cream-filled spoons were going. I joked that I might not be prepared for the chaos that is having a child, and my sweet friend reminded me that they don’t come out as 3-year-olds. You get to ease into the chaos…

After our tasty treat, we all headed into the nursery… my sacred space. The boys were instantly boys. Within seconds, one was climbing on the crib and the other was jumping from the ottoman to the chair and back again. I laid down some ground rules… pretty much, don’t do anything that will break something, and started showing JP some of the tiny little clothes I had been gifted. BUT, out of the corner of my eye, I made sure to watch the boys “use the space” in a totally new way.

After JP and the kiddies left, I had to laugh at myself. Maybe it’s good that we’re having a girl first? I’m clearly just a LITTLE high strung and maybe wasn’t ready to see actual children in the nursery 🙂 I guess it’s a good reminder to enjoy the peace and quiet I feel while rocking slowly in the nursery each night, because it’s not going to last! Soon it will be my own child knocking things out of place.


I’m ready for this stuffy nose to subside. I’m so sick of sniffling. Otherwise, I’m doing really well! Nothing new to report.









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