The husband is a true champ

Even under the weather, my hubs really pulled through this weekend. I can tell the poor guy just isn’t feeling well and despite that, he got our nursery set up! Walls are finished, chandelier assembled and installed, dimmer installed, dresser put together (minus the pieces that either came broken or we broke), the bookshelf from our Milly is built, crib is done, wall shelves are installed, and drapes are up.

I really owe him. It’s not like we HAD to get it all done this weekend. He knew it was just what I wanted.. And without complaint, he did it! Such an amazing man I married. And even better, we both really love it! Yes, even him! It’s the perfect space for our sweet baby girl.

Now, of course there is still more to do in terms of decorating and we do have to finish the dang doors, but the big stuff is all done!

What a weekend 🙂


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