My Hips are Widening

I had to run to the chiropractor today due to some serious hip pain. Right where my thigh and body connect, I was experiencing some pretty bad pain every time I took a step. Both mom & the chiropractor attribute this to my hips widening.

Although this makes the vain side of me wince, the part of me that a) really wants a natural, vaginal birth and b) doesn’t want to rip in half really appreciates the fact that my hips are widening.

The chiropractor reminded me to do my bathroom hula hoops (hula hoop my hips twice in each direction every time I pee) to keep my hips stretched and also added a few other exercises.

1) Squats – she said this is very important! Squat with my tush in, in good squatting position.

2) Lie on my back with my knees bent. Cross one leg over the bent knee into a figure 4. Then, straighten the bent leg (the one the figure 4 is resting on) and lift it up so your heel is facing the ceiling. This causes a good old stretch in that hip.

I think the third and most important remedy is VACATION! Tomorrow is officially our last working day before it’s time for sunny Mexico.

Thank goodness.


This baby might be a hangry baby. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, that’s a special trait for those who get severely angry when hungry. I say this because every time I feel hungry, she-baby-boo starts thrashing around inside of me. Time will tell 🙂

Besides her hangry outbursts, she’s still been pretty darn active. I love feeling her move around. There is something so magical and precious about it.

Last night after Mark read to her, he started asking her what her name was. He said, “kick if your name is this” or “kick if your name is that”… unfortunately, we didn’t get any closer to picking a name, as she kicked at every name expect “Tob-a-lina.” What we did discover is that she appears to be recognizing her dad’s voice these days and talking back to him when he speaks. The whole thing had me laughing hysterically.

She’s silly already 🙂

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