Babies are so Tiny!

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and couldn’t help but notice (and get wildly distracted by) the tiniest little baby girl. She was SO SMALL! Literally, if I had to guess, she was only a few days old. I mean, she would have made my 5 lb dog, Toby, look big.

Anyway, I know this isn’t news, but for some reason, it just felt so shocking. In just about 4 months, I will have my own tiny, headband-wearing little girly. It made me think… what the heck will I do with her? Do I really know how to take care of a baby? I mean, obviously I don’t. But will I figure it out?

This tiny baby, with a head the size of an apple, looked so darn fragile. I have all these hopes of cloth diapers and an all-natural upbringing… but will I even be able to keep this little person alive?

One thing is for sure, Google is going to be getting a good workout from all my questions.


Still feeling really good. By the end of each day, though, my back starts to really hurt. I twist and turn and reposition, yet still, I’m pretty darn uncomfortable. Thankfully, the worst of it doesn’t last more than an hour or so, which is manageable.

Otherwise, I’m still on my mission to keep all of our organization and baby-prep projects moving. Doing pretty well I guess, although things like work and normal-life responsibilities kind of put a damper on that.

As for weight-gain, I haven’t been on the scale lately. I’ve been feeling pretty darn bloated lately, which doesn’t inspire me to hop on. Maybe I’ll try to remember tomorrow morning (I absolutely do not get on the scale at night… that’s for people who want to get upset). It would be nice to know if I’m still on track. And despite my cravings, I do feel like we’ve been pretty good about eating healthily (still taking down two veggie shakes a day) and working out (although not as much as I should be… need to make sure I get that third and fourth workout in each week).

Speaking of which, I’ve gotta run… time to work out.

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