Are You Having a Girl?

Is it a girl?

Is it a boy or a girl?

Today I went to the chiropractor to battle some of my pregnancy aches and pains. I used to have back issues in high school, and literally have not been there since. My last appointment before today was in 2010.

Anyway, my doctor was chipper and sweet as ever and was just so much fun to catch up with. Before I jumped on the table, she said, “do you mind?” as she put her hand on my belly. She pulled her hand away quickly and said, “Oooo! Are you having a girl?”

I lit up a bit and explained that we didn’t know yet and she went on to say, “I bet it’s a girl. I just have a feeling.”

It’s interesting, I’ve had a lot of people with “a feeling” that it’s a girl. Is it the way I’m carrying? Or the fact that I’m pretty darn girly? Maybe I smell differently?

I know I’m supposed to be living in the moment and enjoying today, but it’s snowing AGAIN and it’s 4 degrees. I’m just over today. I want three weeks from today. Then I will have seen my sweet baby’s face and will know if all these feelings (and the quiz my friend at work and I took the other day) are correct in saying it’s a girl.

In other news, my chiropractor gave me a tip… she said to keep things aligned and growing in a balanced way, do a full circle hula hoop motion twice in each direction right before (or after) you use the bathroom. Note: there is no relation to going to the bathroom except that you will likely be going frequently and it’s a good way to remember to do it. It’s supposed to help with delivery and recovery. And, if not, it’s easy enough that it won’t be a big deal either way.

Toilet hula hooping it is!

4 thoughts on “Are You Having a Girl?

      • You know, from the beginning I always said girl, but when we had the ultrasound I kept calling the baby a “he” so after that I decided I just didn’t know. I think my husband and I have come up with a name for a boy (finally! I always had one for a girl)- Once we had a name for a boy I felt much better about not knowing. For some reason I am very adamant about having a name all picked out- I am sick of referring to a nameless child! : ) Do you have names yet?

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