I Love Going to the Doctor

I think pregnancy is the only time anyone ever says that. But for me, right now, it’s totally true! I know I’ve gushed over my doctor and her nurse before, but I just totally love them both. They’re so sweet and just fun to chat with. And of course, my chatty self always seems to stretch our 30 minute appointments to 45+ minutes.

But enough gushing. As of today, the baby’s heartbeat was 160 beats per minute. I have gained 8.8 lbs, which the doctor said was good. Again, not to be a total girl, but my original weight was taken naked in the morning and this was taken with jeans and a sweater… so whatever 🙂 Maybe it’s a few ounces less. Either way, the doc said I looked good, my blood pressure was perfect and things were right on track. Also, they did find traces of protein in my urine, but she said that was normal.

And, in case anyone cares, here are the questions my husband and I asked and the answers we received:

  1. Where can I get a breastpump that will be covered by my insurance? (NOTE: most insurance providers will either pay for part or all of your breastpump if purchased from an approved provider. Call your insurance to get more details.) Answer: Knueppel Healthcare Services Inc.
  2. What are your thoughts on seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy? Answer: Many people find that this helps more than just a prenatal massage and/or physical therapy. You can often get the benefits of both from a chiropractor.
  3. Is it okay for the chiropractor to use an ultrasound to heat/loosen your muscles? Answer: Yes, that is totally fine during pregnancy.
  4. I’ve been having numbness in my leg and arm, should I be worried? Answer: Not at all. There is a lot more fluid in your body, which can mess with your nerves and circulation. Likely, it is also the positioning of the baby. But don’t worry, it should go away once you deliver.
  5. My husband and I are thinking of going on a cruise or heading to Mexico for our one year anniversary in March. Is it okay to travel at 6.5-7 months? Answer: Yes! You might feel more comfortable at an all-inclusive, as you are more confined on a cruise and have less access to healthcare. But either is fine. Just make sure you check travel suggestions for vaccinations.
  6. I am supposed to stand up in my friend’s wedding on July 3rd. If I am out of the hospital by then, do you think I can still go? Answer: Absolutely! Especially if it’s not a C-Section. You might need to take it easy, but most people feel okay after a few days. But, just listen to your body.
  7. Are Belly Buds legit? Will the sound from the headphones be too loud for the baby? Answer: I don’t know if they do anything positive for development, but they definitely won’t do anything wrong. Go for it!
  8. When will my appointments switch to twice a month? Answer: At 28 weeks.
  9. Have you ever heard of perianal massages – using almond oil – being done to prevent tearing during childbirth? Answer: Yes. I think in some cultures they use olive oil as well. Honestly, we’ve found that tearing has a lot to do with genetics and the individual. We don’t tend to do episiotomies, but whether you’ll tear and by how much is pretty dependent on the person. We do sometimes do a perianal massage during labor to help loosen things up, but there is no evidence of whether this will help or not. Again, go for it if you’d like.
  10. I haven’t changed my workout at all really. I don’t do twists or certain postures in yoga if they feel weird, but I’m pretty much doing the same as I did before. Is that okay? Answer: That’s absolutely okay. You seem in-tuned with your body, so just do what feels right. Especially now, as your body hasn’t changed that significantly. But, ultimately, working out helps significantly with recovery, getting your body back and even labor itself.

I think that was everything! All in all, we had a great (and informative) appointment. AND, NEXT MONTH WE FIND OUT THE SEX!!!



All I’ve got to say is that I’ve been LOVING almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Something I’ve never been fond of. Mmm. Can’t get enough.

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