Our First Visit with the Nurse

Our first visit with the nurse was very informative… and, I must say that our nurse, Debbie, was a VERY sweet lady. I sat in a big, comfy rocker chair and we literally chatted for over two hours. The purpose of the appointment was to get as much information about me (and Mark) entered into the system and to answer any of my questions. And, I’m not going to lie, I was VERY happy I had filled out the March of Dimes worksheet with both of our families beforehand. It was so helpful in answering the questions about our family medical history.

Here are some things I learned…

  1. No need to feel bad about my coffee yesterday. 200 mg of caffeine is in fact okay.
  2. I can stop worrying about sleeping on my side for awhile… doesn’t really come into play until 22-27 weeks.
  3. My 9rounds workout is great, but I should be working out 4-5 times per week (not the 3 times per week I have been exercising)… and that means breaking a sweat at each workout!
  4. To help combat the nausea caused by my prenatal vitamin, I should try taking my vitamins before bed with some OJ. The acidity in the juice will help break down the iron.
  5. I should add a Folic Acid supplement to my prenatal vitamin regimen. The supplement should be at least 400mcg.
  6. I should be drinking 2 liters or 64ish oz of water/liquid per day.
  7. I should be getting more calcium. This can be added with a supplement and/or through daily food intake.
  8. My husband is amazing. He took notes through our entire appointment.
  9. The “baby bump” I’m seeing is actually a displacement of fat, intestines,etc. because of my enlarged uterus. So, while it’s not technically a baby bump, it is baby related.
  10. I CAN GET AN EARLY PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND! And in fact, mine is scheduled for this FRIDAY!!! Yay!
  11. I had to give 5 vials of blood. I’m not going to lie, I was fighting back tears. I hate needles. But, important to note, this was the only medical / procedure-type activity at my appointment. Everything else was conversation only.
  12. After about 14 weeks, I should switch to prenatal yoga only (no regular yoga).
  13. I should aim to gain 25 lbs during my pregnancy… 2-6 during the first trimester is average.
  14. I can take extra strength tylenol, according to the package, as needed. Although, I’m still going to try to avoid taking any medication.
  15. I might get a 3D ultrasound picture at 19 weeks if they can get a good angle. Prepare yourselves for a creepy little photo!

So, all-in-all, it was a great appointment. We left with a little tote bag that they gave us filled with parenting, pregnancy and baby magazines; a baby book; and, our first baby items: a TINY diaper and a nook. We’re having a baby!!!


For your enjoyment, a funny husband story:

Mark: So, how do you take a baby home from the hospital?

Melissa: Uhhh, what do you mean?

Mark: Well, they don’t make car seats small enough for newborns, right?

Melissa: No, they do (as I’m laughing)

Mark: I thought you held them in your lap or something… do they grow out of the mini car seats in a week?

He’ll learn 🙂



At officially 8 weeks, I’m feeling great! No nausea really or at least nothing too annoying. Just feeling good. Although, I am pretty darn tired. But I’m starting to even get used to that. Otherwise, happy as a clam!

3 thoughts on “Our First Visit with the Nurse

  1. Yay!!! So happy to see your appointment went well AND you’ll get to see that little baby soon! Will insurance cover it? If so, is there some special way they write it up? So curious!
    Save that diaper! One day you’ll be happy you did I am sure : )

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