Hush Hush or Holler?

As of right now, we have not told anyone that there is a tiny, sesame-seed-sized baby growing inside of me.

If you don’t know me, I am that person you don’t want to confide in because of my inability to keep secrets private. It’s not that I like to gossip necessarily, it’s just that I get so darn excited. Literally, secrets boil up inside of me until they just kind of explode out. I once broke the news that a friend was pregnant to our entire office… with a jumping starburst. With arms and legs spread into the air, I screamed, “Jenna’s pregnant!” I can’t be blamed for that… right? I can only handle so much happiness and excitement before I must pass it on and share it with others.

So, my point… keeping this a secret is going to be very difficult.

At the same time, I am struggling with the best way to break the news, how the timing will map out, etc. And all the while, I’ve had about 25 moments in the past 2 days where I have nearly picked up the phone to call my mom and blurt out, “I’m pregnant.”  So, what should I do?

I’ve read so many blogs with cute ways to tell people and I just love the idea, but maybe I should just say, screw it… I could stop by my mom’s on the way out tonight and give her the news. I don’t want to slip and tell someone else before she finds out…

Decisions, decisions…


It feels as if I have been peeing every hour, so today, I decided to take a log of all bathroom breaks during my work day. I may or may not have skipped out of work early today, so in a mere 7.5 hours, I peed 7 times. Apparently it doesn’t just feel like I’m peeing every hour… I am peeing every hour. Other than that and my damn cold, I’m feeling great!

Also, as a side note, is it weird that during one of my seven bathroom outings today, I stood in front of the mirror and pushed out my stomach as far as I could and put my hands on it as if I were pregnant? Fine, I did it twice.

And what did I learn from this exercise? My only chance of being a cute little pregnant lady is if I gain in my belly only. Otherwise, I’m definitely going to look like a nesting doll.

This could be me in 6 months...

This could be me in 6 months…


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