Three Years ❤️

Today marks three years of marriage with my love. While it feels like time has just flown by so quickly, it’s also hard to believe it’s only been three years. It’s hard to imagine a time without my husband by my side.

I’m a very lucky woman. While we’re not always rainbows and butterflies, we’re always working… on our marriage, on our communication, on our love.

 As parenting becomes less about simply keeping Charlotte alive and healthy, and more about shaping a human mind and heart, it becomes more clear. I have truly ended up with a man who gets me. Someone who shares my passions. Someone who wants to live and love in the same way.

 I’m married to a very amazing man, husband, father. My children and I are beyond lucky to have such strength and love and silliness from now until forever.

 Happy Anniversary, sweet man of mine. Being your wife and starting a family with you has been seamless… like, this is the way it was always meant to be. I can’t imagine my world without you. Thanks for being you and for choosing me. I love you deeply.

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